The Valvari Formula Is Available in 23 Glamorous Colors:

Vienna — Deep Lavender.

Prague — Shimmering Pink.

Miami — Pastel Peach.

Taos — Desert Sunset.

Cairo — Copper.

Amsterdam — Hot Pink.

Lisbon — Blackberry.

Casablanca — Pomegranate.

London — Deep Fuchsia.

Venice — Sandy Beach.

Oslo — Carnation Pink.

Dublin — Vibrant Orange.

Baton Rouge — Luscious Apricot.

Valvari Classics:

St. Tropez — a light bronze.

Las Vegas — a candy colored pink.

New Orleans — pink with a hint of lavender.

Rio — a pink coral.

Paris — a deep, wine color.

Malibu — simply naked.

Barcelona — a very red red.

New York — strawberry pink.

Florence — an auburn coral.

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